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Traditional Elegance Wool Carpet

The Brief

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Our client came to us looking for a carpet with timeless charm and durability. They were delighted with the outcome of their selected carpet, which perfectly encapsulated their vision.

Key Features of Wool:

Wool emerged as the ideal choice for our client’s carpet due to its array of exceptional qualities. Renowned for its sustainability, strength, and durability, wool stands out as a superior material for floor coverings. Its inherent resistance to crushing and abrasion ensures longevity, while its natural flame resistance provides an added layer of safety, as it self-extinguishes instead of igniting. Furthermore, wool’s resilience to dirt particles and water resistance makes it an ideal option for high-traffic areas. Its superior insulation properties, coupled with its ease of cleaning, further solidify wool as a top choice for long-term use.

Project Outcome:

By opting for wool carpets, our client not only achieved the desired traditional look but also secured a durable, long-lasting solution for their flooring needs.

Product Information

Design: Blossom

Colour: Opal

Design No.51/20053

Construction: Woven Axminster

Pile Content: 80% wool 20% nylon

Widths Available: 4.57m (15′), 3.66m (12′), 2.74m (9′), 1.83m (6′), 0.91m (3′)

Repeat Length: 91cm

Repeat Type: Self Match

Suitability: Heavy Wear

Tog Rating: 1.7

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