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Brink & Campman

Brink & Campman Designer Rugs

Brink and Campman has been creating quality rugs for well over 100 years and their experience shines through in every design and product they offer. One of the reasons they’ve built such a great reputation is the perfect balance they strike between modern production processes and genuine craftsmenship.

Using a range of materials they have developed in-house means you get long-lasting yarns and true comfort, while their keen eye for art has allowed them to develop a fabulous collection of beautiful colours and unique designs.

Brink and Campman


For designer rugs that promise quality, expert craftsmanship and style, there is Brink and Campman, rugmakers since 1897. This Dutch brand balance modern production processes with dedicated craftsmanship resulting in stunning, vibrant designs. Over 100 years of innovation and experience mean Brink and Campman have mastered the art of rug making.


To get a feel for the unmistakable flare that defines Brink and Chapman rugs, here’s a quick look at 4 of their renowned collections, all of which are available at Jim’s Carpets:



Using a robot tuft technique, the Stone collection is as its name suggests – multicoloured spools of wool transformed into designs that have the appearance of tiny pebbles, available in a variety of colours, from conventional browns and greys to eye-catching purples, greens and reds.



This collection offers colourful, hand tufted wool rugs, with viscose yarns highlighting particular elements of the diverse patterns available. You’ll be spoilt for choice with everything from modern floral designs, stripes and squares to psychedelic waves and abstract shapes.



This handwoven collection employs the flatweave technique resulting in a look that resembles the traditional Kelim rugs of the Persian empire and Turkic Central Asian countries, with rich colours and bold designs.



Yeti rugs are made in Nepal and India using a traditional handknotting technique, often using plain wool yarns for a natural look that is incorporated into modern designs.


In addition to these iconic Brink and Chapman ranges, this rugmaker has collaborated with other leading brands to produce even more exceptional designer rugs stocked here at Jim’s Carpets. Collaborations include those with:


  • Textile and wallpaper retailer Sanderson – these Axminster rugs feature their most stunning floral designs, such as pretty poppies and dazzling dandelions
  • Bluebellgrey – these digitally printed wool rugs showcase their elegant watercolour designs
  • Scion – a collection of fun, colourful rugs with geometric and abstract designs
  • Textile masters Morris & Co. – pure wool rugs inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement
  • Wallpaper and fabric specialists Harlequin – a range of modern, sleek designs brought to life in these colourful, pure wool rugs
  • Fashion retailer Ted Baker – a collection of rugs inspired by a piece of tapestry uncovered in the mountains of Siberia.


Variety is an understatement when it comes to the rugs created by Brink and Chapman.


To find out more about our Brink and Chapman designer rugs, get in touch with our flooring experts.

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